Shirley Rose - Needle Nurse

  • Published February 17th, 2011 by Jennifer Ziegelmaier
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This is Shirley Rose and her invention of the NeedleNurse.  Shirley has a background in clothing and fashion, but she is also an inventor.  She helped create the NeedleNurse because of her experiences with her daughter, Cassie, a dialysis patient.  The NeedleNurse is a more comfortable method to secure the dialysis needles to the patient.  It is an external saddle and strap needle fixation devise designed principally to eliminate the need to use adhesive tape. It also has a supporting under arm board to secure the vein and artery needles required in dialysis treatments where the arm is the access point.  The most important duty of the NeedleNurse is to dramatically reduce or eliminate bruising and skin tears from tape. If you or someone you know is a dialysis patient, go to the website for more information.

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